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Farm Update

Oh yeah! The Clyde River now has Export Approval!! We have already sent some oysters OS and expect to be sending a whole lot more. Its very exciting!

Farm Update

On another note – back in November 2011 McAsh Oysters received a Oceanwatch and Southern Rivers CMA grant to aid in the conversion away from treated timber infrastructure. We have just about completed 4 hectares of lease conversion and are only 12 months away from having 100% converted to sustainable and environmental friendly (including seagrass [...]

Nuffield Update

So I have been traveling pretty extensively since I received my Nuffield Scholarship (check out for more info on the scholarship). I have travelled to the Neatherlands, UK, Hong Kong, China, Belgium and Spain. Its has been pretty damn terrific!! In the next few weeks I going to try to bring everyone up to [...]